Monday, 30 August 2010

Damn dog!

So, having found some beautiful fabric that was once a bit of kimono I had a stab at 'quilting' a ball.  Here we are....half way through....

Not bad...quite fiddly but happy so far...
And here it is after I got home, leaving the dog in the kitchen, and the high-chair too close to the table....

Yes...they ARE teeth marks you can see!
Each small piece of fabric had 3 pins holding it in place and there are about 20 pieces of fabric in one half....How she didn't come away with a mouth full of pins, I don't know but she managed to remove each piece of fabric individually with all 3 pins intact....and also managed to remove my foot...from a different orifice! (just kidding RSPCA!)

Second attempt was actually much better so perhaps my Jack Russell did me a favour...just about!

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Ta ta for now.x

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