Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Keepsake ornaments ahoy!

So having thought long and hard about who might want to buy my 'wares' I've come up with an idea.

I am now offering a Keepsake Ornament service.  It will be a quilted ball like the ones previously photographed here but as an example a newly married bride, or bride-to-be, sends me a bit of fabric/s from the wedding eg bridesmaids dresses fabric, ribbons etc and I will transform them into a beautiful keepsake ball which they can keep for themselves or order a few as thank you gifts for giving out at the wedding to bridesmaids/mother of the bride etc.  I plan to present them in a pretty box so they would come complete and ready to keep/hand out.

I'll get some wedding type fabrics and put one together so you can see what I mean but any thoughts/constructive criticism would be very gratefully received.

Ta ta for now.xx


  1. Hi there, Been following your Blog for a while but never posted. Congrats on your sale. I think your idea sounds fab. Hope it takes off for you. xx

  2. Thanks so much. I'm completely chuffed that you have been following. Makes it all the more worth while to know someone is actually listening! Abbi xx