Monday, 1 November 2010

Stash of Christmas ornament ready for Reveal Showcase

I've been working hard to get a stash of Christmas ornaments made to send off for the Reveal Christmas showcase... 25-28th November and 2nd-5th December, 2010. Henley on Thames.

I have one more day off work to price them all up, do a stock list and then post off later this week.  I've had some postcards made to advertise as well which I'll be sending along with my business cards.

It's all very exciting and while I am aware that Christmas Fairs can often be disappointing because there is SUCH a huge choice, I'll be really looking forward to the feedback to see how people felt about them. I'm sure I'll learn lots of things I can use to my advantage at the next fair I do.

Ta ta for now.xx


  1. they look SO appealing all piled up like that. You'll sell them all!

  2. I went to Reveal today and saw your decorations - picked up a card - they are really beautiful. I didn't buy one but I may send you a message via folksy about a particular colour i'd like! Amy x