Saturday, 29 May 2010

Starting off.

I used to think I was pretty clued up when it came to all things technical but I have to say the world of Twitter and Blogs has passed me by.  However, I watched the film 'Julie and Julia' last week and it inspired me to have a go at having a here I am.  No idea whether I've set things up properly and don't even know for sure that anyone can or would want to read anything I have to say but none the less, here is my very own blog! Yay me!

So, asside from my beautiful son, who I could talk about day and night quite happily, I thought I would start by talking about the quilt I am attempting to make for my niece.  I started making it just before her 1st birthday and all things considered it's going well, though incredibly slowly! I hopefully have a photo on my phone which I will upload if I can manage to work out how!

I decided to go for really colourful rather than necessarily girly.  In fairness it does still seem to be turning out quite girly but then...I am a girl!

It's only the second quilt I've ever made, the first one being from a pattern book.  This is my first attempt at 'making it up as I go along'.  Im using a string style and have put in a white stripe in the middle of each square which creates a big white square outline...oh dear you definitely need the picture to understand what the hell I'm going on about...hang on.......
Ha HA! Got it in there and then spent AGES playing about with font colours to make the blog look pretty! I wonder how I show other people now?!!!

While I'm putting in photo's here are a few more including some showing evidence that I have in fact had help, thus far!

So I guess that's it for now.  Might try and work out how to show my sister how it's coming along as she hasn't seen any of it yet.  I was going to keep it a secret until the end but this way she can see that it wasn't just 'another one of my clever ideas' but that I really am making it, depsite the fact that it is taking forever!

Ta ta for now. xx

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  1. Please hurry up and make my quilt, it's cold up north!