Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ramble of the day...

Morning all! (She said, assuming there might actually be someone reading this!)

Before I go any further I feel I ought to say HURRAH, HUZZAH AND WOOPPEEE DOOO DAAAAH! to Helen who gave birth last week to baby boy number two.  I have attempted to find your house on two separate occasions to try and drop off a card but have so far failed miserably! I don't know why I'm failing to find it given that I have, before now, found it with no problems!  Clearly baby brain has kicked up a gear!  Oh dear at this rate I will be a jabbering mess before The Monkey has his next birthday!

So this weekend was a bank holiday and despite having to work on Saturday The Monkey and I were busy being creative on Sunday and Monday.  Sadly no work done on the quilt...it's very tricky to do sewing with pins and scissors with such a keen little helper wanting to be so hands-on.

The Monkey created a beautiful painting for Granny (or Ga-Ga as he likes to call her), and I had a burst of forward thinking and decided to make some Christmas decorations!  I know, I know it's FAR too early to be thinking about it but I do have good reason.  The shop that sold so many of my lovely knitted scarves last year is interested in selling my baubles (oo-er-mrs!) so I thought I should make a nice set to take in for them to approve.  I spent every spare minute I had, knitting the scarves on the run up to Christmas last year because (and I shouldn't complain) they were selling faster than I could make them.  This year I want to get everything made early so I can just 'relax' into Christmas 2010.(Who am I kidding?!).

You can't really tell what size these are from the photo.  They just about fit in your hand...about 12-13cm across.

The only sticking point now will be the selling price.  The shop obviously have a mark-up on my price and I need to make a profit but I still need to make sure they are value for money.  Actually...I would be very interested in what people think ....hypothetically, would you prefer to buy a) a set of 3 in the same colour, b) a set with one of each colour or c) be able to buy them individually?  Any advice would be gratefully received.

Oooh, one more thing... could someone try and contact me via this blog so I can see if it's possible or at least tell me what problems you had so I can try and sort it out?

Ta-ta for now. x


  1. You're such a busy bee! I love the tree decorations. My oppionion would be to package them in 3s the same colour. Pricing is always hard especially when the shop has to mark them up. You should sell them online too, get a website setup. Shame Shawn doesn't live nearby 'cos I'm sure he'd do you a great one.

  2. Love the Christmas baubles, you are a talented lady! I would buy them, I pay a fortune for baubles at john lewis, see what they charge and price just under that. What shop is selling them? I like the mix of 3 colours but maybe more practical to sell in same colour?!?

    You have had a busy weekend, looks Like you both had lots of fun!!

  3. Hey - why not sell as both, but the set of three would be a bit less (as combined price) than the one sold by itself - like a bulk deal. That is the best of both worlds!

  4. I say, stop with the baubles and get on with my quilt! heheheh love you x