Saturday, 26 June 2010

Retail fame on the horizon!

Morning peeps!  It's been a while because frankly I had nothing to say!

I've been beavering away (no comments please!) setting up two Internet shops. One is on Etsy which is all in US dollars but is International, the other is Folksy which is English.  Basically you set up a 'shop' on their website.  It has a name and you put photo's and prices on it and hopefully people flock from Internet miles around to purchase your wares!  Obviously word of mouth is very important so anyone reading this would be doing me a massive favour if, when they are up and running, you would mention to your friends...thanks muchly!

I have an Etsy link here on my blog but not yet for Folksy.  Not much point in doing the hard sell just yet as there's only one thing on there but thought I'd do the ground work by mentioning it anyway!

Need to bob on because the Monkey will be waking up soon and I was supposed to be doing housework..booooo! (I wonder if my Auntie Judy does contract work?!)

Ta ta for now...xx

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