Wednesday, 16 June 2010

It's all happening!

So I have at last found somewhere to sell my wares!

Has anyone heard of Etsy? it is a website set up for, amongst other things, people to sell their handmade things.  If you are looking for gifts it's a great site.  It is American so all priced in US Dollars though apparently they are working hard to get a currency converter on there so you can see prices in Pounds.  That said it has a HUGE English following too.  And so I have joined the great wide world of Etsy.  I even have a shortcut button here on my blog that takes you straight to my shop. 

If you visit I'm afraid it is a bit underwhelming for now as I need to make some more things to put on it but please watch this space, and, when it's worth mentioning it I would love you forever if you would mention it to all your friends.

The shop I had hoped would sell my baubles couldn't see them selling for the price they would need to mark them up by but did kindly recommend another venue which I have now approached too. 

The Etsy shop will be the best if I can get the marketing right because there is no middle man!

All this technology....I feel so with it!

Word to ya mother!

Ta Ta for now.xx

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