Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bit of a tidy-up!

So I thought as I was at home this week I would have a bit of a tidy up!  I think I may just be moving stuff around and not solving any storage issues but it's been nice to go through all my treasures!  Forgot I had half of it.

One thing though...I just love my smaller ribbon covered decorations with the paper flower features around the top and base.  Just seeing them again after a month or so makes me realise they are 200% more lovely in your hand than they seem in the photo's. They'll make the best Christmas decorations.  I guess the only way to get that across would be to have some sort of craft stall but I just don't have enough items to warrant doing that yet....hmmmmmm. Maybe a girls night in with a 10 minute 'look at my wares' type arrangement might be in order!!!! Problem is I don't want people to feel under pressure to buy something. You know?

Any suggestions gratefully received!

Ta ta for now.xx

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