Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Get them while they're hot!

My goodness me!  I sold one single and one set of three decorations today, all within a half-hour!  If they sold that fast all the time I could happily give up my day job!

Latest babies to leave the nest...

Christmas Baublicious!

Shabby Chic-ette
 I think reducing my prices slightly has helped.  It sadly means I don't really get to charge for the time it takes to make them but I think that is the harsh truth for all us creative peeps!

This one is a whopper!

Dear Sales Fairy,

I very much enjoyed your visit today. It was a pleasure to have you. Please remember my door is always open and you are welcome ANY TIME!!

All my love,

Abbi. xx

p.s. if you see Santa can you tell him I'd like a new pair of scissors for Christmas please?

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